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We are excited to introduce Mindy™, a unique take on productivity where we turn email, the most trusted Internet tool, into a launch-pad to make AI work for you.

We want Mindy to become everybody's personal Chief of Staff, at home and at work. To make this vision a reality, we are building a product that is simple, powerful, and trustworthy. Find out more about how you can use Mindy, for time better spent.

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How it works?

Simply message Mindy with your question or any work you might need completed!

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“Hi Mindy,

Could you schedule a lunch tomorrow for my son’s Birthday near the SFO airport? Ideally something in the $$ to $$$ price range.



Birthday party


1:00 PM

Hi Andrew,

I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve scheduled a lunch for your son’s birthday tomorrow at the New England Lobster Market & Eatery, which is conveniently located near the SFO airport and falls within your specified price range.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with or if you have any other preferences for the event.



What people are saying about Mindy

  • Probably the best thing I’ve seen!

    "Probably the best thing I’ve seen come out of the most recent round of AI hype is Mindy.
    I just sent an email to with a screen shot of my calendar for the day and it created all the calendar .ics"

    KT Boyle
    KT Boyle
    Mindy user
  • This is a cool tool.

    “Mindy can search, summarize, write, and even schedule meetings for you, all from your inbox.”

    Jason Calacanis
    Jason Calacanis
    Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Seamless Integration Into Daily Life.

    “In a digital era with complex technologies, Mindy emerges as a breath of fresh air and simplicity, bringing the power of AI into the hands of everyday users. Mindy isn't just another AI assistant. It's a personal Chief-of-Staff, learning your preferences, solving problems, coordinating tasks, and distilling insights, enabling you to focus on outcomes rather than processes.”

    Jim Carter III
    Jim Carter III
    AI Specialist
  • An AI agent in everyone's email is here.

    "An AI agent in everyone's email is here. The founding team of PayPal and YouTube just started a new company called Mindy. It’s an AI agent that can autonomously do tasks directly in email."

    Rowan Cheung
    Rowan Cheung
    Founder The Rundown AI